OGUK Medical

Offshore Oil & Gas Medical Assessments

Offshore medicals are carried out to ensure an individual is fit to work in an offshore oil and gas exploration and production environment and travel to a specific country, and to promote good health in general.


Offshore workers Medical Examination


To work offshore in the UK or the North Sea, you must pass an OGUK Offshore Medical that is valid for 2 years.

An OGUK Offshore Medical includes:

  • Completion of Patient Health History Questionnaire
  • Urinalysis—routine urine test with immediate result
  • BMI—measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index
  • Near, Distance and Color Vision
  • Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Lung Function Test (peak flow)
  • Audiogram (hearing test)
  • Consultation with an licensed OGUK doctor
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Pradeep Kumar
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Ananda Arjuna Bhakthan

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